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Our best. To unleash your best.

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Very Happy Owner

This spa is a big upgrade from our previous one. It is well built and very easy to maintain. The wireless remote is also a great feature to check the spa status. All of the components appear to be built to last in the outside environment. I highly recommend Hot … Read More

Den - Orange, MA

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Jetsetter Salt Accessory

We decided on the Jettsetter because of the added therapy jets and the water conditioning with salt. It seemed like a lot of money at the time. We had a spa before this one. The difference between this one and our old one is like day and night. This is … Read More

John - Plainville, KS

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Great Spa!

We have never owned a hot tub before- the Highlife FreshWater Salt water system makes it easy for “newbies” to operate. We have enjoyed our hot tub more than we thought we would. It has been one of our most enjoyable purchases. The service before and after our purchase has … Read More

Baker - Billings, MT

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Very Happy

The Jetsetter is my second Hot Springs Spa. It fits my needs very well. Great positions great jet placement.

Gonzo1066 - Sumas, WA

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Easiest to Manage for a More Relaxing Experience

Had a 1993 Tiger River Khyber for 25 years. It was night and day compared to newer redesigned Hot Springs tubs of today. Freshwater Salt System is quick and accurate allowing more quality time for things that matter especially during Covid-19 times. Everyone ought to own one!

Markarita - Kansas

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We design spas based on how you will actually use them. The ComfortControl® system lets you customize the strength of massage. The SmartJet® system allows you to direct power to the jets you are using, instead of powering all the jets at once.


Highlife® Collection spas feature up to 7 different jets, offering different types of massage for various parts of the body:

  • Every Highlife Collection spa features the Moto-Massage® DX jet that provides two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down the length of your back – there is nothing else like it
  • Precision® jets work together in a powerful cluster to relieve tension in your back, neck and calves
  • Directional Hydromassage jets provide targeted relief to problem areas with easy-to-adjust nozzles

Vanguard Spa Cover


Highlife® Collection spas offer our very best in efficiency and energy saving design – which is why we call these models Super Energy Efficient. This is just one of the ways a Highlife Collection spa delivers the best value over time.


Highlife Collection models feature our complete Energy Smart® system. Every aspect of the spa has been optimized to create heat efficiently and maximize heat retention.

  • Totally insulated with multiple layers of foam to lock in heat
  • SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump that uses less energy than a 40 watt light bulb
  • Custom-designed spa covers with an exclusive hinge seal to lock in heat
  • Our No-Fault® heater that maximizes heat transfer and is covered by an unconditional 5-year warranty
  • A pump shroud captures heat from the equipment compartment and transfers it to the water
  • SmartJet® system lets you direct power only to the jet groups you want to use


Crystal clear spa water is essential to your soaking experience, which is why we have invested in innovations in filtration and water care that keep your Highlife Collection spa water clean with as little work as possible.

    This easy-to-use system eliminates the worry of keeping water clean, clear and sanitized for a full year. With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically and keeps water feeling soft without harsh chemical odor. This unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever by removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance. Learn More.
    Only Highlife Collection hot tubs offer 100% No Bypass Filtration, and up to 325 square feet of effective filtration area with exclusive, dishwasher-safe Tri-X® filters. The number of filters is matched to the power of the jet pumps to provide balanced filtration, allowing 100% of your spa water to pass through the filters 100% of the time – even when the jets are on, which is when other spas bypass the filters.



No matter which model you select, you can count on superior quality, comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer care from our experienced dealers.


Our dedication to high-quality construction and unparalleled customer care means you can enjoy your Hot Spring® spa for years to come. You can count on support from our network of experienced and professional retailers and our straightforward warranties to ensure your spa is always running at its best. We don’t expect you to take our word for it though. We are proud to share the real experiences of our customer’s right here on our website.

Read reviews from Hot Spring owners and learn about the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience.


The Highlife Collection is our top-tier luxury spa line offering unmatched visual appeal and innovative technology.

  • Walnut and Driftwood cabinets feature a subtle grain pattern
  • Brushed Nickel and Bronze finishes give a unique metallic effect
  • Sandstone and Shale cabinets have stone-like texture
  • Elegant, complementary shell colors selected by design experts
  • Comfortable, sculpted seating and stylish details throughout
  • Wireless, waterproof remote control for ease of use from any seat
  • Customizable zone lighting to create the perfect ambiance inside or outside the spa


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