Eco Glass Collection

Your customers can now ‘Go Green’ with our Eco-Friendly fire glass beads! Guaranteed to delight all visitors and enrich every gathering, ‘Eco Glass’ is made up of post industrial glass that has been melted down and has a dye added to it which gives it its brilliant colors. It is made up of the same ingredients as our tempered glass so it can withstand temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees. Furthermore, there is no worry of melting or sooting with this Eco-friendly, recycled product.

This environment-friendly fire glass is available in 11 dazzling colors!


Crystal White Eco Glass Beads

Crystal Yellow Eco Glass Beads

Jade Green Eco Glass Beads

Crystal Orange Eco Glass Beads

Amber Eco Glass Beads

Crystal Red Eco Glass Beads

Jet Black Eco Glass Beads

Plum Eco Glass Beads

Sapphire Blue Eco Glass Beads

Sky Blue Eco Glass Beads

Smoke Eco Glass Beads


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