Fire Beads

Our jewel-like firebeads collection impresses with its luminous glow and reflection. Available in both classic and luster finish – for a more enhanced shine – all colors are a delight to view while the fire from the gas fireplace or fire pit dances above them. All fire beads are approximately 1/2″ and uniform in size, creating a unique look which is a must have for any fire glass enthusiast!

Our fire bead collection is available in 8 magnificent colors!


Twilight Luster Fire Beads

Twilight Fire Beads

Sangria Luster Fire Beads

Sangria Fire Beads

Royal Blue Luster Fire Beads

Royal Blue Fire Beads

Aqua Blue Fire Beads

Caramel Fire Beads

Caramel Luster Fire Beads

Apricot Luster Fire Beads

Apricot Fire Beads

Aqua Blue Luster Fire Beads

Emerald Green Fire Beads

Emerald Green Luster Fire Beads

Glacier Ice Fire Beads

Lavender Fire Beads


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