864 31K Deluxe & Clean Face Deluxe

The 864 TRV 31,000 BTU fireplace is perfect for anyone looking to display a big beautiful fire that provides supplemental year-round heat to spaces up to 1,400 square feet. This top or rear vent (TRV) fireplace features our selection of beautiful designer faces and includes new Ember-Glo™ ember bed lighting, adjustable overhead Accent Lights, the CoolSmart TV Wall™ option and your choice of stunning 10-piece Classic Oak or Birch log sets. In addition to these great features, this Deluxe model comes standard with the GreenSmart® Remote Control and 180 CFM convection fan.

864 31K Deluxe & Clean Face Deluxe



Primary Specs
Heating Capacity : Up to 1,400 square feet
BTU Input Per Hour : 10,000 (NG) 8,000 (LP) to 31,000 (NG/LP)
Additional Specs
Steady State Efficiency : Up to 80.38% (NG), 81.21% (LP)
P4 Efficiency : 71.48% (NG) 71.02% (LP)
Glass Viewing Area : Tempered Glass, 34-1/4″ W x 22-1/4″ H, 758.8 Sq. In.

Clean Face Model Images


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