ProBuilder 42 Linear Basic

The ProBuilder 42 Linear is the smallest model in our lineup, featuring 42” wide by 15” tall glass. This value-priced fireplace is ideal for providing zonal heat to cozy living spaces in the home up to 1,250 square feet. This Millivolt (MV) model is a great choice for anyone who desired a simple heat source that does not require power for installation and operation, as it features a Continuous Pilot system where the pilot flame stays lit at all times.


Primary Specs
Heating Capacity : Up to 1,250 Sq. Ft.
BTU Input Per Hour : 13,000 to 25,000 (50% turndown)
Weight : 165 lbs. (75 kg).
Additional Specs
Steady State Efficiency : Up to 76.11% (NG) Up to 77.31% (LP)
P4 Efficiency : 64.80% (NG) 65.89% (LP)
Glass Viewing Area : Tempered Glass, 40-3/8” W x 13-5/8” H, 548 Sq. In

Installation & Dimension Drawings