Radiant Plus Medium™ Series

Two Models

The Radiant Plus Medium is great for heating mid-sized homes and living spaces. This insert is the perfect size to install in most metal (zero clearance) and masonry fireplaces. It features a big, beautiful fireviewing area and provides excellent radiant heat plus natural convection.


Primary Specs
Heating Capacity : Up to 1,250 Square Feet
Maximum BTU Input : 18,000 (NG/LP)
Minimum BTU/HR Input : 25,000 (NG & LP)
Steady State Efficiency (High) : Up to 86.98% (NG) Up to 89.03% (LP)
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating : 70.92% (NG), 72.97% (LP)
P4 Canadian Efficiency : Up to 74.15% (NG); 75.07% (LP)
Dimensions : 19-1/2” H, 26-1/2” W (Front), 23-1/2” W , 14-7/8”D
Glass Viewing Area : Ceramic Glass, 24-1/4″ W x 12-3/4″ H, 308.5 Sq. In.

Installation & Dimension Drawings